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How much is English riding gear? Helmets, pants and boots??

I don%26#039;t know if it matters but for Orange County, CA. Thanks

How much is English riding gear? Helmets, pants and boots??
If you aren%26#039;t interested in showing, you can just get some basic schooling gear. My Troxel schooling helmet was approximately $30, and it has lasted me several years and protected me through all of my clumsiness. If you DO want to show, you can always buy a velvet cover to put over the schooling helmet, which keeps you from having to buy a second one for showing.

The pants can be inexpensive or very expensive. Try looking for a tack shop that has a consignment area. I%26#039;ve found several nice pairs of breeches from consignment shops, but there%26#039;s no guarantee. If you buy from a catalog, look for knee patch breeches (synthetics and self patches are the least expensive) instead of full-seat--they%26#039;re less expensive, and I%26#039;d assume that they%26#039;re cooler in the summer. Once again, if you think you%26#039;re going to show, either get two pairs of breeches (which is a good idea either way) or buy one pair in a color that%26#039;s appropriate for the show ring.

Boots are probably the most expensive. I just bought a pair of synthetic tall boots for about $80. They don%26#039;t look bad, though; a friend noticed them at a recent show and complimented on how soft and supple the %26quot;leather%26quot; looked. However, other types (the custom leather ones) can skyrocket to $600 and up! A majority of leather tall boots are between $100 and $150 for a pretty good pair. If you aren%26#039;t planning on showing, you might want a pair of paddock boots (Usually only young children wear them in the show ring, but anyone can wear them in schooling.) and maybe some half chaps. If you want to show, though, just get a pair of tall boots and take good care of them.

If you%26#039;re planning to show, you%26#039;ll also need a huntcoat, a show shirt, a pin, and gloves. If you%26#039;re just starting out, though, I wouldn%26#039;t buy these and I%26#039;d wait for the signal from your instructor.
Reply:good helmet- $140


paddock boots-$30-100

field boots- $150-700

half chaps-$20-200

Don%26#039;t get field boots until you show.
Reply:Like pretty much everything else in the world, it depends on the quality of the product you purchase. You can get a cheap, no-frills Tipperary helmet for $60 or so, or you can take the plunge and get the ultra-sleek, super comfy GR8 by Charles Own for about $300. Some even venture up into the %400 range. Same with breeches and boots. Generally, in my opinion, Ariat paddock boots and clothing are the way to go if your serious about riding. The comfort and quality are unbeatable. I purchased my Ariat paddock boots for around $130, and I believe they are worth every penny.

But visit a tack shop near you. Explain to them what you%26#039;re looking for, give them a price range if you have one, and be sure to tell them how serious you are about this. Whether it%26#039;s just a weekend pasttime or showing on a national level, chances are the tack shop (if they%26#039;re any good) will have the appropriate attire.

You can also look in catalogs. Dover Saddlery and State Line Tack are the ones I drool over.

I hope you find what you%26#039;re looking for; good luck!
Reply:Get of your *** and go to a tack shop of google it

Some of the question here are really dumb, thanks for the 2 points

Reply:Well, I%26#039;m sure there are some tack shops close to you, so for your area you should go to them and check them out. Ask your trainer or fellow riders where they go. Also, online catalogs like Dover Saddlery and State Line Tack have a nice selection. Also, e-bay can be good if you know what you%26#039;re looking for. Also, make sure you try on boots and helmets because every brand fits differently...some boots run small or large, and all helemts do not fit all heads. If you are just starting out and just need schooling attire, you can get decent quality clothing at good prices. My estimates are:

breeches $50-$100(really cheap breeches just don%26#039;t last, you%26#039;re better off getting decent quality ones that won%26#039;t fall apart).

Boots, depends if you want tall(field) boots or short(paddock) boots...tall boots will run you around $150-$300 for decent quality schooling boots that you could probably show in at small shows(there are many options on tall boots such as zippers up the back to make them easier to put on and such), paddock boots will run you about $100 for a good quality pair such as Ariat, but you will also want half chaps(to protect your legs) if you wear paddock boots and they run about $40-$100 depending on style/brand.

A helmet can range between $30-$400, depending on if you want the latest style. Get a less expensive, but still safe, schooling helmet, then a nicer one for showing later so you don%26#039;t ruin your nice one.
Reply:Well, if you want to get fairly good brands go to a local Tack Shop and you can get breeches for 30-80 dollars, a helmet (i have a tipperary) could be 40-100+ dollars, my frst pair of boots were a pair of cheap of rubber riding boots that cost about 80 bucks i think, but u can also get a pair of feild boots and half chaps for about 100 dollars but they will last ALOT longer! If you want to spend more money then you can get a Greenhawk catalogue or buy horse magazines for more products and companies/stores!

Happy Riding!
Reply:usually around $500 theres this cheap magazine called dover try that its cheap
Reply:Too much.


Does anyone use boots instead of shoes for mountain riding.??What brand??? Thanks.?

There is about a 1/4 mile of gravel (logging road) then its nice soil. I have 3 horses but would prefer not to have to have all 3 shod if boots would work. Thanks.

Does anyone use boots instead of shoes for mountain riding.??What brand??? Thanks.?
no cj, this isnt the wrong section.

All my horses are put boots on when i trail ride. Unless its soft dirt. The boots are expensive but if you get GOOD boots they will last a long time. ive always used easy boots and so far liked them.

Old macs are great too.
Reply:use dublin
Reply:BOOTS! shoes are asking for trouble.. i were justins wranglers idk i love um al

I use old mac boots... i love them... i%26#039;ve never had a problem with the horses wearing them... they do rub on one of my horses because his a tad to big... so its really important you get the right size... i only use them when i know we are going over some really hard ground... other wise they are just barefoot... here are some links... good luck :)
Reply:I keep my horse shod, I have never tried the boors before but I have tried a rubber/plastic shoes and they glue on or you can have your farrier nail them on as if they were a steel shoe, if they are to big all you have to do is trim the extra off. They are really good I have never had one of them to come off and I have rode through really think mudd, water, sand, gravel, very rough terrain and they are wonders on the black-top. Here is some website look at them and see what you think. Hope his helps
Reply:i war muckers by L.L. bean
Reply:hi there, Yes i use old macs alot they are a great boot though i only have the older style so i can not tell you what the new ones are like but they look even better, i have use them for horse from TB to QH and they all seem fine, we go trail ridding for up to a week, on very rocky, steep, shealy tracks and some time no tracks they neaver seem to fail, and give them extra grip, through creeks and all, they are great. hope this helps.

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Was it Charles Perrault or Rory Emerald, who authored - Little Red Riding Hood, Puss in Boots, and Cinderella?

It was Charles Perrault, because those books were all written before the great Rory Emerald was born.

Was it Charles Perrault or Rory Emerald, who authored - Little Red Riding Hood, Puss in Boots, and Cinderella?
Charles Perrault (I believe) wrote Cinderella and other fairy tales, though I think he (like the Brothers Grimm) often borrowed from popular folklore. Little Red Riding Hood was collected (by Brothers Grimm) from popular stories told by the people.

You can find out more about the origins of fairy tales here, it is a really great site:


What type of boots should you get for riding a moped?

Anyone own a moped and if so, what type of boots do you wear?

What type of boots should you get for riding a moped?
Just get something that covers the ankle in case you crash.

You should not be going all that fast (100mph+) so you don%26#039;t need full motorcycle boots. If you are going, say over 60 I would get a motorcycle boot.

Alpinestars sells motorcycle shoes just for this. Icon also sells many women%26#039;s shoes that you might like.
Reply:Moto X boots at least 3 sizes too big, (just stuff newspaper in them to take up the slack !) Have a look at Bike Magazine , if they still have %26quot;Ogri%26quot; in it have a look at his friend Malcolm`s boots, you`ll get the idea
Reply:I%26#039;ve got a honda scooter I wear work boots or my chuck taylors what you is ankle support and some abrasion resistance.The scooter boots I%26#039;ve seen advertised were basically just expensive work boots so thats how I roll.
Reply:Now I have a mental picture of someone wearing Kiss boots on a moped.

In Mexico I wear sandals or crocs, but wear Kiss boots, or motocross boots if you want to stand out.
Reply:Just make sure ou have rubber sole shoe. Something to grip the pavement when you stop so you dont slip and fall.
Reply:Wearing boots on a Moped makes you look like you%26#039;re on your way to the nearest lesbian bar. Theres no need for it.
Reply:You don%26#039;t need boots, just wear any shoes
Reply:bathroom slippers


What is the difference between walkong, cowboy, and riding heels on cowboy boots?

I can never figure out what that means.

What is the difference between walkong, cowboy, and riding heels on cowboy boots?
Hi! The difference is mainly in the height of the heel and the shape of the heel. Check the link below. It is a good explanation from one maker.
Reply:I found the above answer to explain a lot.

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My daughter is starting horse back riding lessons and I was wondering what kind of boot she needs?

I was wondering would just any regular boot work?Or does it have to be a %26quot;riding%26quot; boot? Please help me out,I want to make sure she is safe,I found %26quot;riding%26quot; boots and they want like 200.00 for them,I would greatly appreciate anyone that can help me out! Thank you!!!

My daughter is starting horse back riding lessons and I was wondering what kind of boot she needs?
Normally, I wear plain ol%26#039; Justin Ropers which run $80-$90 a pair, depending on where you buy them, but if you go with the rubber sole vice the leather sole, they will cost even less.

The boot should give support yet be flexible enough to allow full movement. The real key is making sure the boot is not so rigid or bulky that it will cause her foot to hang up. I wear metatarsal boots with safety toes at work, but it would be almost impossible to dismount a horse without binding my foot in the stirrup.

Before you purchase the boots, be sure you discuss your choise with the instructor. Some schools and instructors are more strict than others and want both functionality and image. For example, a hunter-jumper school might not allow the western Justin Ropers that I wear while an English school that is focused more on pleasure than competition might have not problem with her wearing western boots.

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Does anyone know a good riding boot for shorter people?

I am looking for a tall style riding boot but every one seems to be too high for me. I am only 5%26#039;0. does anyone know a brand that makes shorter riding show boots at a reasonable price??

Does anyone know a good riding boot for shorter people?
ARIAT.. i am young so i am still growing.. so i am still short.. its a bit expensive.. but they are long lasting... and depending on what sole you get they are very comfortable *ariat cobalt blue is most comfortable to me*
Reply:Well you could look at ariat. It is more expensive but worht it in the end because they last longer and they also come in a variety of sizes. Also consider rubber boots.
Reply:I%26#039;m 5%26#039;3%26quot; and have the same problem. For my show boots, I honestly just got my boots (Devon-Aire%26#039;s are my personal favorite) and wore them around the house constantly and polished until they got softer at the top so they would become supple and crunch below my knee to where I needed them to be.

For everyday riding, I just wear paddock boots and half chaps - so much easier, haha. I fear to wear out my tall boots because it is a pain to go through that process to be them to my proper height.
Reply:I know you used to be able to go to the State Line Tack section in Petsmart and get measured and they would order you a pair of boots that fit your measurements. Now that SLT is leaving Petsmart, I don%26#039;t know if they will do that anymore, but you can ask. If you order online you might be able to order in different lengths...just go to a store to find a boot with the right fit, then look online for the height.
Reply:I%26#039;m four ten and i have your same problem. Luckily for me i have tiny feet so with some work i can find boots that fit, but just barely. There really isnt a particular brand i would suggest. One thing you might try (although it is not as formal) is a pair of short ancle high boots and halfchaps. Some halfchaps can be very nice and almost look like tall style boots. I have even seen gran prix riders use them in shows. This gives your leg a little more mobility and alows you to fit your foot and your leg differently. I had a pair of long boots for a while, but they were just to long. I was hoping I would grow into them but I stopped growing in the 7th grade (sad i know). Now i just use my short boots and halfchaps. I suppose you could get boots custom made, but it would be extremely expensive. Alright, thats all I got. Good luck!
Reply:i would get short boots, and then half chaps to put over... still looks pro:)
Reply:Yeah, you%26#039;re right. You%26#039;ll probably need tall boots for shows. I%26#039;m VERY short for my age, and I buy a brand that I think is called Dublin.
Reply:If you%26#039;re riding at home, I would say use paddock boots and half chaps. However, if you%26#039;re showing and you need a field boot (tall boot), I would suggest trying either the Ariat%26#039;s or the Devon Aire%26#039;s. You could try taking them to a leather store and having them reshape the top of the boot. Or, if you have an unlimited budget, you could get custom boots. That%26#039;s what I ended up doing and I LOVE them. They%26#039;re expensive, but they fit wonderfully (obviously) and if you take care of them, they should last a long time. Good luck!! Hope I could help.
Reply:You don%26#039;t say whether you are looking for western or english. If you are looking for western boots I would suggest a brand of Ropers. They are low and have either slip on or lace up. For an english boot, I would look online. You will probably have to get a boot that fits your foot then have the top cut down by a shoe repair to fit your leg. This would work for english or western. Good luck!